Clothing and Textiles

It is estimated that nearly 85% of all clothing and textiles end up in landfills in the U.S. today. The EPA estimates that the average person throws away 70 pounds of clothing each year. Textile and clothing waste is a significant problem in our country. It is estimated that anywhere from 5-10% of all waste that is sent to municipal landfills is comprised of textiles. These items are often very dense and consume significant landfill space.
The program will accept new, gently used, used or unwanted/worn, women’s, men’s and children’s clothing and textiles. All fabrics will be accepted. Even clothes or textiles with stains or holes will be accepted. The great news too, is that almost 95% of the materials collected will be repurposed or recycled.  The drop off location is on the east end of the Public Works  parking lot.  Drop offs can be made throughout the day and after hours - no appointment is necessary.  
Acceptable Items:
Blouses and shirts          Suits and tuxedos              Tote Bags
Coats and jackets           Swimsuits                          Curtains
Dresses                          Sweaters & sweatshirts      Drapes
Halloween costumes      Ties                                    Sofa Covers
Hats and scarves            Undergarments                 Table linens
Pants/shorts/jeans          Backpacks                         Towels/washcloths
Pet clothing                     Belts                                  Bedspreads,   
Socks (single/ in pairs)    Purses                               Duvets, comforters, 
                                                                                  Blankets, quilts

Unacceptable Items

Wet/smelly/moldy items   Pillows                              Sleeping Bags
Mattresses                       Rugs                                 Carpet
Cushions                         Foam furniture                   Foam mats
Vinyl Shower Curtains     Large Luggage